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Agreement of Terms and Conditions

The above items are an accurate listing of the lease property (hereinafter called "Leased Property"). Resident agrees to lease such from @HomeRentals and to keep the Leased Property at the address above pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth herein. In the event that the Resident removes Leased Property from the above address, @HomeRentals is not responsible for damage or injury due to misuse or improper operation / installation of Leased Property and Resident bears full responsibility for said damages / injuries as well as any damages to Leased Property itself. Minimum rental term is 3 months from the date of the order and will continue on a month to month basis thereafter until termination of Rental Agreement.

Rental Agreement Termination

Resident may terminate this lease following the minimum rental term by giving fifteen (15) days notice to @HomeRentals. Failure to give fifteen (15) days notice will result in a prorated charge not to exceed fifteen (15) days of rent. @HomeRentals may terminate lease with thirty (30) day written notice for nonpayment of rent. Upon termination, Resident will make the Leased Property available to @HomeRentals at a time that is convenient to @HomeRentals and will permit @HomeRentals or its agents access to Resident premises for the expressed and sole purpose of recovering Leased Property.

Permission to Enter

I hereby grant @HomeRentals permission to enter the premises listed above for the expressed and sole purpose of delivering and or recovering Leased Property. I further authorize the building owner or his representative to permit access to and release said Leased Property to @HomeRentals and hold such owner and/or representatives and @HomeRentals harmless for their actions, or any other actions, from such entry.

Customer Acknowledgement

By Signing below, I agree that my credit card will be billed for the total initial transactions. ALL future billing will be automatically billed on the first working business day of the month. I agree to be bound by the terms of MasterCard or Visa Cardholder Agreement, and agree to pay items I owe @HomeRentals.

I certify that I have read and accept the terms and conditions above and grant @HomeRentals permission to enter the above premises for the expressed and sole purpose of delivering / recovering the Leased Property. In the event that my account becomes past due, I specifically authorized you to charge all outstanding amounts due and any other costs reasonable to recover Leased Property, if applicable, to my credit card on this application, and agree to keep said credit card in good standing for the duration of this lease.